Daniel Klein Group

Daniel Klein Group was established in Turkey in 1970. It has taken its place in Turkey and global markets with Daniel Klein, Freelook, Bigotti, Sergio Tacchini and Santa Barbara Polo Racquet & Club. Daniel Klein Group serves thruogh 80 other countries with 2 offices in Turkey and Hong Kong. The group an important player in both the Turkish and also global watch market with an annual sale of more than 4.000.000 pieces.

It arouses millions of people’s interest around the world with special designs and accessible price policy as well as the functions sought for in a branded watch. The Daniel Klein Group provides professional services in the stages of communication, logistics supports, supply of spare parts and repair with our technical service employees who are trained and experienced in repair and our trained personnel in the units of logistics andcustomer services.



This is the Timeline of Daniel Klein Group company. In this timeline there are some features that are important for us! We are looking forward to see new timestamps in this timeline!!

We started out journey in Istanbul with a 7m2 shop in Tahtakale

Muammer Cevik handed over the journey of artisans in Tahtakale for 50 years to his last Ercan Cevik who will lay the foundations of Daniel Klein in 1993

In 1998, Daniel Klein was established and started production

Daniel Klein Group was founded by Mr.Ercan Cevik and Mr.Danny

We continue to announce our name internationally