We Are Stronger Together!

Daniel Klein Group hosted its international distributors in Istanbul with its 'Stronger Together' meeting held in Istanbul Polat Renaissance Hotel between April 1-4

Daniel Klein Group Sector of the time leader companies in Turkey, hosted all its distributors in Istanbul to promote its new collection. In the event, which was carried out with great measures within the scope of pandemic rules and lasted for 4 days, all business partners were informed about the new collection, as well as the investments made in the field of accessories.

At the Polat Renaissance Hotel, the participants had got more information about brands, new models and products.

Speaking at the opening speech of the meeting, Ercan Çevik, Chairman of the Board of Daniel Klein Group, stated that they had spent the pandemic period efficiently, that they will now reap the fruits of their new investments in the company, and that they are preparing an ambitious collection in the field of accessories. He also conveyed the examples and investments of the new product range developed as new bags, wallets, suitcases and perfumes to its business partners in detail.

Daniel Klein Group International Marketing Manager Muzaffer Çevik's presentation which gave information about the new watch and accessory collections of the brands, attracted the attention of all participants. With the presentation of the new collection after the seminar, the distributors, who came together for dinner, did not neglect to examine the new models.

The guests attending the event got in line to pre-order from the new collection by requesting an appointment for 3 days.

On the third day of the event, which lasted for 4 days, at the gala dinner held within the scope of social distance rules, "best sales performance" awards were given to distributors whose sales performances were evaluated. In addition, plaques of appreciation were presented to all distributors participating in the event.

After the award ceremony, the winners among all distributors partners made gifts draws Turkey's holiday resort in Antalya was a weekly holiday gifts.

Speaking on behalf of Daniel Klein Group, who left behind a successful event with intense participation, Çevik stated that they are a big family and they are growing day by day and thanked all business partners for their participation.

Daniel Klein has become a popular brand with the motto "Fashion for All" since its inception. The Group company, which made its name known as Daniel Klein brand, reached 83 countries where it distributes and sold 3 million units under the Daniel Klein brand. The Group also owns the Bigotti and Freelook brands and is the world licensee for the Santa Barbara Polo Racquet & Club and Sergio Tacchini brands.