The pandemic in 2020 undoubtedly limited face-to-face communication all over the world. In this process, great investments were made, especially in the digital world. In the developing new world, we continue to improve ourselves to adapt to new trends.

As Daniel Klein Group; We decided to make the first leg of our launch meeting, which we organized last year and which we plan to realize every year, where we introduce our new collections to our business partners.

In this process, we came together with our business partners in the digital environment by creating our infrastructure as a result of the coordinated and efficient work of our team.

In our online event held on Zoom between 16-21 November, watches were introduced with the presentation of the brand managers. The viewers were able to clearly examine the models presented in 360 degrees.

Our watches, which were introduced with the presentation of the brand managers, was held on 'Zoom' between 16-21 November. watches were presented in 360 degrees, viewers were able to view clearly.

We are excited. During this period we could not meet you, we prepared excellent collections by focusing on our new model designs, staying true to the DNA of our brands and following the fashion trends in the world. We are sure that the models we were present to our business partners have attracted everyone's attention.